Welcome to Mrs. Cozart-Bullock's Second Grade Class!

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Meet Mrs. Cozart-Bullock


My name is Kristal Cozart. This is my ninth year teaching. All nine of these years have been spent teaching at Northside. I taught first grade during my first two years, second grade for the next two years, third grade the next two years, first grade again for two years, and now I'm back in 2nd grade. Aside from teaching, I am also a church keyboardist and I love to sing and make music. In my free time I like to shop, go on day trips and long trips, and eat at delicious restaurants.  Family is very important to me. Education is also very important to me. I believe that the early years of a child's life deserve a strong educational foundation. This is the reason that I chose to teach elementary students. It is my desire to be an instrument in helping children learn all that they can in order to go on to higher institutions, be successful, graduate, and pursue the careers of their dreams.

2005- Graduated from J.F. Webb High School
2009- Graduated from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro - Bachelor's in Elementary Education; Concentration in Sociology
                                                                                 2014- Graduated from Grand Canyon University- Master's Degree in Elementary Education                                                                                 ????- Who knows what will be next? It is important to be a lifelong learner. Never stop   
                                                                                  learning new things and growing professionally...especially when the lives of children are in                                                                                      your hands.